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Sunday, May 22, 2011

E61i-1 white screen done

E61i-1 white screen done

bro share ko sa inyo e61i-1 pag-on mo white screen lang

ito ang screenshot sa JAF Pag e flash mo ang phone

ito naman sa ATF

hardware pala ang sira
try ko e reheat ang OMAP pero wala

itong pisa na ito ang sira nag molds pala
buti na kita ko just replace it and it well ok

done na po

5130c nokia logo ...DONE

5130c nokia logo ...DONE

pag e power mo ung unit nokia logo lang

tools to b used:
ufs interface
universal cab


connect ufs interface
go to option
select service tools
select bb5

yan nag done sa flashing.

hehehe yan ang final na ..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

unlock done 930sc

First and Only in GENSAN unlock 930sc....

Nauna kami......


M120 unlocked

M120 unlocked

920sc Unlocked.

920sc Unlocked.


The Version of the phone is not supported for direct unlocking so need to flash the phone.

but the only version it accepts is 920SCID1.

Cable E210 USB + Com.
Qualcom Tools V.5.5.15


1. Run QUALCOM TOOLS v5.5.15

2. Flash the Phone w/ 920SCID1 Flashfile via USB. (must be in Bootmode) press * and Power-on
note: This depends on what version of flashfile the phone accepts.

2. Unlock.. (phone must be on normal mode) use COM Cable RJ45.

3. Patch w/ Camera_and_Media_Patch file.

4. Done.

c520 unlock done

c520 unlock done via z3x..............

eto na naman mga boss..gising na naman ang z3x ko..
c520 unlock done..
1 click lang 500petot na..


samsung 730sc unlocked done

samsung 730sc unlocked done...

share ko lang po.....

heto po screen shot.....

heto naman po sya ng matapos...

ayos ......

LG Kp500 unlocked

LG Kp500 unlocked by z3x first in san pablo city

just for refference mga bro...kp500 LG unlocking using z3 box...


1.connect to rj45 using KE500 cable.
2.for safe read eeprom
3.hit unlock

all done ....

LG CG225 Unlocked

LG CG225 Unlocked by Z3X! sawbe


RUN LG TI Tool V.1.0.2

Select COM



LG TI tool v.1.0.2 by Z3X
Supported models:22
Server news:
* Z3X-team Online Unlock Server Running !
Samsung Tool 3.1 Beta 8 released!
LG Qualcomm v. 1.5.4 released!
Added "One click" nvm repair for many models!
LG Qualcomm v. 1.5.3 released!
Added direct unlocking for KC910, KU990GO, HB620,KU990i,
KB620, HB620T, KF690.
Samsung Qualcomm Tool 5.5.15 released!
Added unlock 931SC
Samsung 2G Tool 3.1 beta 7 released!
LG SEMC tool v.1.0.0 beta released!
Supported models:
U8120, U8130, U8138, U8180, U8330, U8360
LG Infineon SGOLD3 tool 1.0.5 released!
KC560 Added!
LG MTK tool 1.0.0 released!
Supported models: G1800, KG300, KP199
LG Analog Devices tool 1.1.7 released!
China Editor 3.4 released!
LG Infineon 1.0.3 BETA released!
LG Texas instruments Tool 1.0.2 released!
LG MG120, MG150, MG155, C1500 added.
Shell 2.8 released!
New Free Addon Released for Z3X LG Activation Owners
AMOI Unlock Tool 1.0
LG Qualcomm Language Editor released v1.1.7!
BenQ Texas instruments Tool v.1.0.3 released!
Benq M315, Benq EF61 and Siemens AP75 added!
Selected model: CG225
Please reconnect battery.
Press and hold power button
Disconnected by user

Selected model: CG225
Please reconnect battery.
Press and hold power button
Phone found
Sending loader... Please wait...
Sending loader succesfully completed
Release power button
Reading phone info...
Flash ID: 017E21
Flash type: AMD - 2x16 Mb
NCK code:45270024
Reading Cal.Data into file..
Reading Cal.Data into file succesfully completed!
Phone unlocked!


m620 hang done

m620 hang done..1 click lang sa z3x...

mga boss share ko lang tong nagawa ko..m620 hang done sa z3x ko 1 click lang..

click: format ffs..
500 petot na...

u300 unlocked done by Z3x

u300 unlocked done by Z3x

men!! share ko po, baka may maligaw na LG u300 paunlock,ganito po ginawa ko??????

here's how;

1. Download needed firmware for your phone from folder "SPECIAL_FW_FOR_UNLOCK_U300_U310_U450_U880_U89 0_U9 00" from support area.

2. Flash phone.

3. after flash the phone reboot and show "Unavailable Media File" ( Repair it using "Country Change)

4. after phone repaired by Country change press "Unlock"

5. wait.. "it will ask you to Insert original sim and/or Test Sim after Reboot"

6. insert orig sim or test sim then press "OK"

7. wait and Done.. phone is unlocked.