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Thursday, May 19, 2011

SKYPE(s1) unlocked done

SKYPE(s1) unlocked done! First in PAlawan..with procedure.

SKYPE(s1) unlocked done! First in PAlawan..Philippines with z3x..

with my z3x LG and samsung activated..

Download AMOI_UNLOCK_TOOL 1.2b exe from support..


MODEL skype s1

Power off phone.
insert battery..
insert USB cable

prompt for new hardware.
go to z3x amoi driver to c:' program files:' z3x

then install all..

after that search for phone..


Searching for Quallcom Devices...
Found MSM62XX Device...
IMEI : 357767017476998
Software ver. :Nov 28 200709:22:13Aug 10 200708:00:00KYRZ
Build ID. :M6260A-KYRZ-2.1.3022
Preparing a Virus...
Loader are send OK...
Reading Security Area...
Locks status : LOCKED
Counter status : 10 left
Saved : C:\Program Files\Z3X\AMOI\backups\AMOI_357767017476998_LOCKED _17062009_022219.sec
Rebuilding security
Writing Security Back...
All operations done!

finish product:

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